Lamb rack recipe ☺️

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Well I've noticed a lot of you really liked the photo of lamb rack that I posted a few days ago soo.. Here's the recipe :) hope you enjoy ☺️

Recipe for lamb rack

What you'll need
One hole orange 
Salt and pepper 

Lets get started --->

Step1) Remove moste of the fat from the rack but leave some for flavour then turn your oven to 180Celsius  and in Farenheit356

Step2) , Chop finely your garlic cloves what I do is I turn my knife upside down so the charp end is up and then chop , Warning!  It can be a bit tricky , Plis be careful don't forget you turned you knife theother way!!. 
Then chop the garlic with the rightway ( the sharpway down) then pour some oliveoil and put all the herbes . Now to be honest I don't measure I just put the herbes with heart . The orange is just to hole the rack in place 
The lamb racks inner temperature: 

57Celsius and in Farhenheit 134 
Medium-rare rare 25-30min 
Medium(with some pink)30-35min 
 And serve with some yummy crispy salad . 


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