Blueberry crumb pie

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So this year in Finland there has been lot's of blueberries I've picked 12L  and baked some pies with some of the blueberries  ;) .  I've  posted pictures of some of my pies on my Instagram "Foodloverandblogger " . 

Bluberry crumb pie recipe : 

Flour  1.5dl
Oatmeal 1.5dl
Sugar 2.0 tablespoon
Butter 100.0 g  

(Oven should be 437 Fahrenheit) 
Or ( 225 Celsius) 
(Put butter in your choice of form or spray butter all over the form) 
Then pour the blueberries . You can add abit of sugar also to the blueberries before you pour them in the form of your choice . 
Cut the piece of butter and let it sit until it's room temperature then cut the butter into smaller pieces  and put flour ,oatmeal , sugar and mix it until it's easy 

to work with then spread it out on blueberries . It's totally fine to use your hands ;) . If you do use frozen blueberries mix them with some potato flour before you pour the blueberries into the form . 


Postat av: Alexx

Publicerad 2014-08-10 19:14:50

jassååå du börja också skriva på engelska :DDDD

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