How and why ? did I choose to be a chef

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We'll I've always liked cooking food my mum and dad likes to cook food a lot so I think it comes abit from them and from my dear old grandpa 💕 . 
Before I knew what I wanted to be the only thing that whent true my head was " I'm gonna work with cosmetics " cause I got from my cousin a doll that I could put makeup on :) so I always thought I would be a "makeup artist " . 
I got in to my school to the cooking class and I was really happy about it I'm not gonna lie , a few days later they called  from my school and said hey that there is still one spot left if you want to have int in the cosmetics line and I panicked , what should I say? Should I say I'll take it or what? So I talked with my parents and I said that cooking is my thing after all . 
A lot of my passion for cooking comes from my grandpa when I cook food it's a way for me to show him how much he means to me and have though me true life . He is now really old and cooking for me is memory's back to when I was a little girl :) 💕 . 
I remember us walking to the agave and opening coconuts and drinking the milk and eating the coconut 🌴🌴🌰 . 
This is my grandpa 💕💐
You are so cool ✌️ grandpa , cool dude 😎✌️💕


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