Chickens 🐔

Publicerad 2014-08-25 20:19:54 i Allmänt,

Almost every year since I was a little girl it's been a tradition for my family to have chickens ( hens) in the summers . 
We have always had about 10 chickens but one year we had 12 chickens even though  that was abit to many :/ . 
This summer, we had 8 we collect there eggs and sell them away to family and friends . 
It's crazy how tame they end up to be they come running after you wanting food :p .  You would think chickens (hens) would be kind of stupid cause of there small head and small brain , but every summer we learn the same little song that we whistle to them to come for food or come inside , and they always come running after the food :) . 
Plis note we don't have the same chickens every year we give them back to the guy who gave them to us for the summer . 


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