Job interview, IKEA 😜💕

Publicerad 2014-06-23 22:50:23 i Allmänt,

Today I had an job interview at a lunch restaurant , I think everyone has  sometime been  nervous . 
The restaurant is near where I live takes like 2min to walk there . Well I got the job so I am soo happy😍 . When I came home I called my dad and told him That I've got the job . Then I took a shower and relaxed. Later my mum and my brother and me whent to IKEA on the way there I didn't feel so good :/ . But we ate some lunch there and bough some stuff I found such a cute mugg at IKEA 🍰☕️😍 .

Midsummer 🙈💐🍹

Publicerad 2014-06-22 14:06:26 i Allmänt,

My friend and I made a really yummy drink for midsummer the inspiration was from Elle and Blair Fowler  who are you youtubers and make beauty videos . 
The drink is a fresh summer drink, that you can enjoy 😎☀️ . You can spice it up with some vodka if you want or leave it out :) 

Here is the recipe:🍹

-Strawberries 🍓

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